The best of Asian cuisine here in Melbourne

Our Story

Launched in 1996 as a single establishment in the Queen Victoria Market in the heart of Melbourne,

The Drums Cafe specializes in Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine. Our aim is to expose these brilliant cuisines to native Australians as well as tourists all around the world visiting Melbourne.

Our Outlets

You can visit our outlets situated currently at

Our Menu

The Drums menu features some of the most flavorful and popular dishes in Sri Lanka. Try some out today!

Our Values


From the ambiance of our restaurant to the food we cook, the highest quality is always assured and is of high priority. Our surveys show us that our diners are delighted with the presentation, flavours, and the overall quality of the food. Moreover, we are always open to feedback and always willing to improve.


We pride ourselves in having the opportunity to introduce a variety of dishes to the Australian populace. Our emphasis on the authenticity of taste and presentation has resulted in a large loyal customer base that we are forever thankful for. Butter Chicken, Devilled Chicken, Goat Curry Chicken Biryani Rice, Naan Bread, and Koththu Roti are some of the major winners of our menu. We guarantee authenticity in every dish we make.

Customer Service

The customer is our first priority. Our staff is dedicated towards providing you the best experience you can have. When you are at Drums, your patronage is immensely invaluable to us and you are number one.

Fresh and Local Produce

Fresh produce is very important to ensure good tastes and of course, it’s healthy. The Queen Victoria Market and the Dandenong Market both offer fresh and local produce which ensures the quality of our food is top notch. Buying local produce also helps local food producers, so win-win!

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