Our Outlets

Drums | Queen Victoria Market

The one that started it all. Drums at the Queen Victoria Market was the first outlet which launched in 1996. The lively and colorful nature of the Queen Victoria Market complements Drums perfectly.

Drums | Preston Market

The Preston Market is a hub of multicultural experiences and events. Drums at the Preston Market provides the experience of Sri Lanka to this mix with an impressive menu.

Drums | Dandenong Market

The Dandenong Market is a major-regional market located in the heart of Dandenong, Victoria. A popular hub for the community to hang out in. Why not enjoy some good food while doing so? Drums at the Dandenong Market is open to you!

Drums | Brimbank Shopping Centre

Brimbank Shopping Centre has been a proud part of the Brimbank community since 1979. Enjoy the best Sri Lankan food in Melbourne at this bustling venue.

Drums | Grazeland

Grazeland is Melbourne's most exciting new culinary destination. What’s more exciting is that we’re there too! Drop in when you’re around.

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